Low skilled adults are one of the groups that is strongly influenced since the beginning of the EU financial crisis. One of the problems that prevent the integration of low-skilled adults in labour market is their lack of proper training.

IntoDIGITS aims to fill the gap by suggesting integrated approaches and  providing a mix of skills for numeracy and digital literacy therefore responding to the exact needs of the target group. IntoDIGITS suggests the empowerment of low skilled adults by developing 42 trainer’s digital tools for the implementation of innovative workshops/activities that develop the numeracy and digital skills.

The project builds on the Active Citizenship ladder (scale). This scale suggests that an adult who is living in isolation (stage1) must progress through all stages in order to achieve AC.

These stages are:

  1. Isolation
  2. Going Outside
  3. Joining In
  4. Voluntary Work
  5. Working on Professional Qualifications
  6. Active Citizenship

At this first stage, IntoDIGITS develops a Qualification Framework (QF) for the Numeracy Competence (KC3) tailored for the specific target group in a specific context. Specifically, the QF for KC3, identifies those Work Areas (WA) and Learning Outcomes (LOs) in order to enable low skilled adults gaining those Knowledge, Skills and Competences to effectively engage in the society and labour market.

This QF on KC3 will serve as a guide for trainers & organizations working with low skilled adults (within and outside he consortium) to identify the Knowledge, Skills, Competences needed in the Numeracy domain.